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The Fancy X opens in Cascais Marina with second-hand luxury items

The new The Fancy X shop that sells second-hand luxury items has opened in the Cascais Marina with the aim of giving new life to used and prized items, whether it's clothes, accessories, jewellery, watches, or even works of art and cars. Almost like a cabinet of curiosities where Giovana Pinto Leite exhibits finds that she collects as rarities, such as her luxury proposals, in an apparent and welcoming environment.

"We are building one of the most secure and reliable platforms to obtain and discover the most spectacular used archives and designs. Coming from all corners of the world through verified professional sellers and collectors," he explains in an Instagram post.

Mentor Giovana Pinto Leite who has lived in the US, Angola, France and Portugal confesses that her biggest motivation for opening the shop was to rethink the "excesses of today's world" and realise that she could create change. "Nowadays, we buy without thinking about the effect of that impulse," he reflects, justifying that he has also accumulated unnecessary things.


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