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Cascais Marina is committed to promoting and providing best environmental management practices, ensuring that the long-term health of the environment and the public is maintained in operations and activities.

We recognize the responsibility for environmental sustainability and relationships that exist between the key areas of energy, water, waste, health and the marine environment.

Cascais Marina aims to ensure that all employees and users of the Marina understand and defend the highest environmental management practices.

To guarantee this commitment we have the following goals:


Prevention of pollution, conducting our activities in a way that improves environmental aspects while minimizing significant impacts;


Act in legal compliance, meeting legal requirements and good practices in our services in terms of the environment and work safety;


Having the customer as the focus of our activities, meeting their expectations, ensuring the preservation of the health of our employees and the environment;


Promote environmental education among the various levels of the company and interested parties;


Develop, implement and improve management programs, increasing the quality of the environmental management system.


Promote the continuous improvement of our services and activities with quality and safety.

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