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To provide a pleasant experience from the very first moment, the Cascais Marina allows you an easy and convenient parking lot, preventing you from wasting time looking for a place for your car.

With availability for 866 vehicles, of which 527 in covered parking, the Cascais Marina, for those who want a long stay for their vehicle, makes available parking cards, which will allow, for the desired days, parking at special prices - with discount on the rotation rate - and that allow you to enter and leave Cascais Marina whenever you need.

If you want long-term parking, we have several options that will meet your needs.

These products, which can be reserved through the email, must be selected and purchased before the start of your stay.

2tabela de preços PMT_PMM_2024_TICKETS AVENÇAS copia.jpg
1tabela de preços PMT_PMM_2024_TICKETS AVENÇAS copia.jpg
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