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Mega yacht for sale for 169 million in Cascais

Kismet has been anchored for a week on the outer pontoon of Cascais Marina. It is 95 metres long and 15 metres high. It belongs to one of the richest men in the world, can be rented for 1.2 million a week and is for sale.

For eight days now, those passing by Cascais Bay have been able to see close by, not the sailing boat from the Delfins' song, but a gigantic yacht, which impresses with its grandeur and luxury. And many people can't resist getting as close as possible for the usual photo or selfie.

Owned by the American-born Pakistani multimillionaire Shahid Khan, linked to the automobile industry in the USA and a lover of American football (he owns the NFL's Jacksonville Jaguars) and European football (he owns Fulham FC, in England's premier league), as well as other sports (he is one of the major shareholders of All Elite Wrestling), the Kismet (as this mega yacht is called) has already received guests from show business, such as Jay-Z or Beyoncé, and is for sale on the Internet for a no less impressive base price: 200 million dollars or 169 million euros. It is also available for rent for the modest sum of 1.2 million euros per week.a.


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