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Atlantis Mission: Ocean Regeneration, Ecological Education and the Power of Localisation

After the success of the Atlantis Programme, Oceans and Flow presents the Atlantis Mission, a project that, on a wave of change, will bring a new look at ecological education, raise awareness about ocean regeneration and draw attention to the importance and power of acting and consuming locally.

The Atlantis Programme has become a true example, not only in Portugal, but in many other countries. In an exercise of deep ocean literacy, a group of students learned how to preserve and reduce the impact of human behaviour on marine environments, through a truly active and differentiating way.

Now, the same organisation that produced the Atlantis Programme continues its journey, always with the ambition of riding a wave of change, capable of transforming behaviours and generating knowledge and awareness about the importance of being part of the ocean's regeneration cycle.

The Atlantis Mission will start on May 30th and will pass by five nautical stations along the coast: Matosinhos, Oeste, Cascais, Lagos and Sesimbra. At each station, the film Programa Atlantis, directed by Gustavo Neves, will be presented and screened. This initiative will be joined by an EcoAction and an awareness-raising action, as well as the Ocean Talks, which will close the Mission Atlantis movement on 21 June.


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